Audience ….Where are you From

Please spare one moment to leave  FS Park a quick comment telling them who and where you are. Once the pupils understand that they have a global audience for their writing, they will use their blog from outside of school to write about things that interest them.


Thank you everyone! 

Mrs Wilson and I would like to say a huge thank you for all the gifts this morning. It was really quite overwhelming! We have had an amazing year with all the children. A year I certainly will never forget. Have a fabulous summer break everyone and from the bottom of my heart ‘thank you’. 

Talent Show Finalists 

Wow!! What a talented lot of children we have in Foundation Stage . Here are the 4 finalists chosen by the judges ,and they performed in front of the school. They were exceptional. Well done to everybody that auditioned and our 4 finalists.

Road Safety

Well today was the day we had to cross the road. We were all very excited.  We told our grown up what we had to do to stay safe, where to stop before we crossed the road and finally to look and listen. We then took our grown up across the road. Well done everyone. Can they tell you how to cross the road? Thank you to all the grown ups who have helped us this week .

Road Safety 

Wow!! What super lookers and listeners we have in our class . We looked to see if we could spot all different types of vehicles whether they were moving or not and then we had to listen to see which direction they were coming from. We then closed our eyes to see if we could listen to the direction they were coming from without seeing them . Tomorrow is our last session and we will be crossing the road!! See if they can tell you some of the things we’ve been having a try at this week. 

Road Safety

What a wet time we had for our Road Safety today !!. First we reinforced everything we looked at yesterday and then we spoke about safe places to play . We found out that a grass verge near a road wasn’t a safe place to play, but a good place to play was a park. We then ha to show Mrs Wilson where we needed to stop if wanted  to cross the road. We all remember we had to stop before the kerb and stand very still. Well done everyone today .


Road Safety

All this week we are learning about Road Safety. This morning we talked about holding a grown ups hand and found out where to stop at the kerb. We then went outside to look at the road, pavements and find the kerb.  We are very excited to see what happens the rest of the week. Can they tell you what they need to do and where to stand where you cross a road ?